realism to abstraction by Dave Eldreth

My work has evolved from Realism to Impressionism, and now to a Semi-Abstract style, appealing to an emotional response rather than the subjective. I make simple expressions of more complex emotions, expressing the inexpressible – similar to haiku. The essence of the work is between the canvas and the viewer.

4351 Forge Road
Oxford, Pennsylvania 19363
Phone 484.643.0455

Artist Dave Eldreth with his wife Faye.


I have been blessed with the greatest twin daughters who are the loves of my life. In their teenage years, they developed epilepsy. Fortunately, their seizures have been well controlled with medications; however, some of the medications are not recommended during pregnancy due to risk of significant birth defects. They’ve spent countless years experimenting with various medications that are safe for pregnancy. Although they are identical twins, only one was able to have her seizures controlled by newer medications with a low risk of birth defects. READ MORE >

Photo on left: Dave Eldreth and his wife Faye.

All proceeds from the sale of Dave Eldreth’s work are donated to the Epilepsy Foundation.